Seminar 4: Conflict and Reconciliation

Queen’s University Belfast, December 2009

Do conflict and reconciliation commissions work best by bracketing religious differences or by exploring them, by reparative justice or by forgiveness? Which strategies best promote trust and civic solidarity? What role can faith communities play in resolving social and political conflicts which many see as originating in religious difference?

Convened by Dr Cillian McBride (Lecturer in Political Theory, Queens’ Belfast) and Dr Claire Mitchell (Lecturer in Sociology, Queens’ Belfast)

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One Response to “Seminar 4: Conflict and Reconciliation”

  1. Tapan Barua Says:

    Dear Sirs,

    We introduce ourselves as one of the pioneering Buddhist organization namely Buddhist Brotherhood Assembly which is non-profit, non-sectarian, socio-economic, cultural, religious and peace propagation center designed to serve the cause of our sacred religion and to uphold the sanctity of suffering humanity. Since inception in the year 1998 we have been conducting Inter-religious teachings, arranging seminar, conference, meeting, workshop time to time for the propagation of the peace elsewhere in the world. We exhorts let one cultivate boundless compassion, wisdom and loving kindness towards all sentient beings.
    Today as the world struggle with war and terrorism, it is wise renunciation of spiritually great saint to practise non-violence in every walk of life which can help attain of all civilization to transfer problematic areas of the globe back all religions to live in peace and harmony with each other from families towards all human beings. We take initiative and endeavor to establish relationships with the people of diverse cultural and religious background for the promotion of International brotherhood to contribute to peace elsewhere in the world.

    Kindly note our Organization is a member of World Fellowship of Buddhist, Buddhist Brotherhood Mission, World Peace Prayer Society, etc. Our representatives very often participated in the International peace and religious conference both at home and abroad. Last year two delegates from our Organization attended 5th Annual World Peace Prayer Society peace congregation held in Allanton Sanctuary in 2003. Also 2(two) of our representatives visited U.S.A in late July and attended World Peace Flag Hoisting Ceremony organized by World Peace Prayer Society in 2003. In February 2 (two) member delegation from our organization attended conference in Seoul , South Korea alongwith our President in 2005. Four of our representatives attended 6th Annual World Peace Flage Hoisting Ceremony in Allanton Sanctuary , Scotland U.K held on 17th June 2004. One of our delegate attended International Conference on Restorative Practices & Family Empowerment held in Penrith , Australia from 3-5th March 2005. Two of our delegates attended Nostra Aete Interreligious Conference held in Italy September 2006. One of our delegates attended LIPS Conference held in viena, Switzerland September 2006. One of our delegate attended Kalachakra initiation & Interreligious meeting for world Peace held at Florence from 28-30th June 2007. Two of our delegates attended 9th Annual Gathering for World Peace held at Allanton Sanctuary, Scotland on 30th June 2007. One of our delegate attended short meditation course at Assisi Cetro Ritiri, Milano, Italy from 22nd to 29th June 2007. Two of our Buddhist Monk attended 10th Annual Gathering for world peace held at Allanton Sanctuary, Scotland on June 29th 2008. Since inception delegates of our organization attended conferences, seminar, workshop organized by different organization both at Home and Abroad.

    Having gone through website of AHRC/ESRS we have come to know that you are organising seminar 4: Conflict and reconciliation to be held at Quen’s University, Belfast in December 2009. We are desirous to attend the seminar and want to send 2 (two) member delegation to attend the seminar thereby exchange views and share experiences.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Tapan Barua
    General Secretary
    Buddhist Brotherhood Assembly
    Hannan Building, 5th Floor, 5 E,
    1 No. Nandan Kanan, Kotwali,

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