The Religion, Justice and Well-being project is coordinated by an interdisciplinary team of academics from various universities:

Gideon Calder – Reader in Ethics and Social Philosophy, University of Wales, Newport. Gideon has published books and articles on Richard Rorty and on varous aspects of ethics. His current projects inlude a book on ethics and social ontology and the European Commission funded Euro-ethos project

Phillip Cole – Reader in Applied Philosophy, University of Middlesex. Phillip is author of Philosophies of Exclusion: liberal poltical theory and immigration and The Myth of Evil, among other books.

Jurgen De Wispelaere – Lecturer in Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin. Jurgen is interested in the philosophical foundations of public policy and institutional design and has published articles and chapters on basic income, altruism, disability among other topics.

Cillian McBride – Lecturer in Political Theory, Queen’s University Belfast. He is author of a forthcoming book on Culture and Democracy, and has published articles on democracy and on the recognition of ethnic and religious identities.

Claire Mitchell – Lecturer in Sociology, Queen’s University Belfast. Claire’s main interests lie in the intersection of religion and politics. She has done qualitative resesrch on religious identity and change in Northern Ireland.

Niall Scott – Lecturer in Ethics, University of Central Lancashire. Niall’s research interests include Kantian ethics, bioethics and moral and political philosophy more generally.

Jonathan Seglow – Senior Lecturer in Political Theory, Royal Holloway, University of London. Jonathan’s research interests are in contemporary political theory, especially as applied to current social issues.

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